Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My First Adder Encounter

Last Spring I took a trip to Cannock Chase, Staffordshire - an area well known for its adder population. Two previous trips to other locations had been fruitless and I was feeling confident that this time I would be lucky. Unfortunately my first trip drew a blank. I was completely new to the area and it took several hours of walking before I found a likely habitat - by which time it was late in the day and too hot for a good chance of spotting V. berus.

With some gained knowledge of the area, a second trip turned out to be more of a success... Within 30 minutes I had found my first adder - an adult female.

My first adder!

I managed to find a total of three snakes (all females) although one did decline to allow itself to be photographed.

Another large female.
All three individuals were found within couple of hundred square yards of each other, lazily basking in the morning sun. My first experience of adders had more than lived up to my expectations and was one of my all time top wildlife encounters!

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